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Man Survives Being Stuck in Frozen Car for 2 Months

An incredible story of survival out of Sweden, where a man has survived more than two months in his frozen car, eating nothing more than snow for most of the time.

The Daily Mail reports that 44-year-old Peter Skyllberg's car got stuck in a snow drift on December 19. He remained there until last Friday when a snowmobiler found him.

Skyllberg was huddled inside in a sleeping bag, emaciated, unable to speak. Rescuers said he managed a few words including "eat snow." There were also some food wrappers in the car, suggesting he may have had some food early in his ordeal.

"Absolutely incredible that he is alive, in part considering that he hasn’t had any food, but also bearing in mind that it was really cold for a while there after Christmas," said one of the rescuers.

The inside of the car was frozen, as temperatures plummeted as low as -22 degrees. It's not known how he was able to survive, but experts say he might have gone into some sort of hibernation in which his body slowed its metabolism.

Police initially thought Skyllberg was a nature lover who was in the remote area to photograph elk. But now they suspect something else was at play.

It's been revealed that Skyllberg was depressed recently; his girlfriend had broken up with him and he is heavily in debt, so this could have been a suicide attempt.

"'We now have to wait until he is better to try to find out what really was in his mind," said police officer Ebbe Nyberg.


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