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Man Suing McDonald's For “Defective” Chicken McNugget

Zebadiah Anderson, a resident of Cook County, Illinois, is suing McDonalds for a “defective” Chicken McNugget. 

In May 2013, Anderson bought McNuggets from a McDonald’s restaurant in Chicago. According to a lawsuit filed against McDonald's, Tyson, which supplies the chicken meat, and the individual franchise, one of the nuggets had sharp bone shards that caused “severe injury.”

Anderson alleges he was taken to the emergency room in an ambulance. The lawsuit contends that employees failed to check the McNugget for bone fragments before serving it.

“The Subject Chicken McNugget constituted an unreasonably dangerous product,” the lawsuit states, “when put to use for which it was intended, in that it could not be consumed with safety and without the risk of impaling and/or cutting the consumer in the mouth, tongue and/or throat, and potentially causing additional damage to the stomach, digestive tract and intestines of the consumer, due to the sharp bone shards contained therein.”

Franchise owner and operator Nick Karavites told The Chicago Tribune "While I have not seen a lawsuit, I take the safety of food served in my restaurants very seriously and will investigate this claim.”

Tyson has not responded to requests for comment.

Sources: The Chicago Tribune, Patch Image via Brandon Wang/Flickr


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