Man Suffers Lead Poisoning After Taking Ayurvedic Medicine

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An Australian man ended up with dangerous levels of lead in his body after taking Indian ayurvedic medicine, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The man had taken a vacation to India, and while there, he went to ayurvedic practitioners to get remedies for back pain. Three months later, when he was back in Australia, he began suffering from constipation and stomachaches. A trip to the doctor revealed he had lead poisoning.

The three medicines the man had obtained in India all had dangerous amounts of lead in them. According to the World Health Organization, the most lead a person should ingest per day is 3.5 micrograms per kilogram of their body weight. For a 180-pound man, that works out to be 286 micrograms a day. One medicine the man was taking had 448 micrograms of lead per tablet. On its packaging, it suggested taking two to three tablets a day.

Ayurvedic medicines may become contaminated with heavy metals during the manufacturing process. Because a lot of them end up being purchased online, there’s no way for them to pass through Western quality controls.

If you’re going to take ayurvedic remedies, make sure you obtain them from a natural medicine practitioner – don’t buy them online. Ask where the medicines came from, and whether they’ve been tested for toxins. If they haven’t, don’t take them.

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