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Man Breaks Penis While Watching Porn On Taxi Scooter, Sues The Driver

A Chinese man picked the wrong time to watch adult videos and it may have caused him his manhood.

The man identified only by his last name, Yu, was hitching a ride on a taxi scooter in Guangdong. With another passenger and the driver both already seated in front of him, Yu made the questionable decision of pulling out his phone for some adult entertainment.

Tragedy struck as the driver went over a bump and ejected Yu off the scooter. Yu was reportedly unable to brace himself for the bump because he had one hand on his phone. It is unknown where the other hand was.

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The driver rushed Yu to the hospital, where doctors informed him that he had broken his penis, Tomo News reported. Although the penis does not have any bones, it can break when erectile tissues are crushed. The injury can cause severe bruising.

Yu is now suing the driver for $65,000.

Sources: Tomo News, Shanghaiist

Photo Credit: Ajetun


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