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Man Sues Hospital And Doctor For Allegedly Forgetting To Remove His Appendix During Appendectomy

William McCormack, 43, had an appendectomy in 2013, and thus his appendix was removed.

Or was it?  

McCormack was having stomach pains while visiting Lake Placid and went to Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake, New York to have an appendectomy.

During surgery doctors discovered that his appendix was still inside of him.

It seems the first time he had the procedure the doctor forgot to remove his appendix, reports Yahoo News.

McCormack is now suing the initial hospital where his appendectomy was performed, Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, and its former director of surgery, Dr. Michael Kerin.

“We have an operative report from Lawrence Hospital saying that the appendix was removed. Most importantly, we have the pathology report from Lawrence Hospital after the first operation which says what was presented to the pathology department was not the appendix,” Mitchell Baker, McCormack’s attorney told WCBS 880 in an interview.

What was actually removed from McCormack during his 2013 surgery has been uncovered.

“[The pathology report] said it was a three centimeter yellowish mass. No one from Lawrence Hospital, nor the doctor or anyone from his office called Mr. McCormack to advise him that apparently something had run amiss in the operation and that the appendix was not removed,” said Baker.

Lawrence Hospital told The Journal News they refuse to comment given the pending litigation.  Dr.Kerin, who now runs Michael Kerin MD, General Surgery & Med Spa in Tuckahoe, did not respond to requests for a comment.


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