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Man Becomes Paralyzed After Rapidly Consuming Sugary Drinks

A man in Taiwan was temporarily paralyzed and could have possibly died after he drank several cans of soda too rapidly, Taipei Times reported.

The physically fit 30-year-old man from Kaohsiung was admitted to Yuan General Hospital in June after becoming paralyzed, World Wide Weird News reported.

According to doctors in Taiwan, the man who was otherwise healthy, was paralyzed as a result of drinking too many sugary drinks in a short amount of time.

Reports say a doctor who treated the man explained the paralysis was due to an increase in insulin levels and a drop in potassium levels. The shifts ultimately caused severe muscle weakness. 

He was said to have drank several cans of cola and eaten sweet snacks on an empty stomach after a workout, Taipei Times reported. The man was immediately rushed to the hospital after waking up from a three-hour nap and realizing he was not able to move, hospital nephrologist Chi Wen-che said.

According to Wen-che, the concentration of potassium in the man’s blood was much lower than the normal levels of 3.5 to 5 milliequivalents per liter, showing to be a mere 1.5 milliequivalents per liter, Taipei Times reported. Wen-che said the patient’s muscles became weak to the point of paralysis, due to the sudden shift of potassium from the bloodstream into muscle cells after the quick consumption of the sugary drinks caused an overproduction of insulin. 

The patient could have possibly died from respiratory depression, according to the doctor, had he not received timely treatment. 

As a course of treatment, the man was given supplementary potassium during three days in the hospital, according to Taipei Times. He has made a full recovery.

Source: Taipei Times, World Wide Weird News / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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