Man Spends Thousands To Look Like Kardashians


A British man has reportedly spent more than $27,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like reality TV stars Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

James Holt has paid the big bucks for lip filler, cheek filler, jaw line filler and filler under his eyes, according to the Daily Mirror.

Holt would like to have six ribs removed to get a shape that resembles the sisters.

Holt, who lives in Bury, Greater Manchester, England, told the Daily Mail: "I’m going to be really fake looking -- that’s the look I’m going for. I love the Kardashians, especially Kylie and Khloe, but Kim is past it now. I love that big butt and small waist look. Since Kylie started getting big lips a year ago it's become really fashionable. Mine are bigger than Kylie's now."

Holt said he had his first Botox treatment and lip injections at age 17, but was disappointed by the lack of reaction from other people.

"I went to college the next day expecting everyone to be amazed and to comment on my lips, but no one said anything," Holt recalled. "I went back the next morning and had another 1.5 ml put in, but still no one noticed. By the end of the week I had 6 ml and everyone said it looked amazing. I loved my look. It was big and juicy and it was just what I wanted."

Holt has his lip fillers refilled every two months.

"At the start, the procedures didn’t hurt because I was so excited about having it done, but now I’ve got bigger and bigger it really hurts," Holt lamented.

Holt bought a waist trainer after the Kardashians posted one on Instagram.

"I was using it to push the ribs in to make them smaller, but as soon as you take it off it goes back to normal," Holt explained. "I want six ribs removed because I think I have too much ribcage. It makes me look bigger than I am."

Holt plans to fly to Poland in August to get some nose work done, a chin implant, a straightening of the toes and fat placed in his rear end for a more shapely look.

The 22-year-old said these procedures are paid for by three older men who are his sugar daddies.

In return for the cosmetic surgery, Holt sends them sexy, scantily clad pictures of himself.

"You’ve just got to squeeze as much money out of them as fast as you can," Holt explained. "And when they start pressurizing you to meet them, you block them."

Holt, who self-identifies as asexual, added: "My two main sugar daddies know me and have met me, but I’ve not had a sexual relationship with them or any others. I don’t know what they’re getting out of it; they don’t get much from me. They’re just making me happy."

Holt, who has vowed to remain single, shared his mission in life, which is centered around himself: "I’ll stop at nothing to have these procedures done. My goal is to be loaded and to be in a nice house with a nice car and have all the surgery I want."

Holt responded angrily on his Facebook page on July 19 to an online story that claimed he wanted to look like Kim Kardashian: "This is absolute s--- everyone who knows me knows what's going on for everyone else who see like this and take it as fact or truth go suck a d---."

Sources: Daily Mirror, James Holt/Facebook / Photo credit: James Holt/Facebook

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