Man Sharing His Weight Loss Journey On Facebook Goes Viral (Video)


St. Louis resident Larry Evans has taken to Facebook to chronicle his weight loss progress. For every pound Larry loses, it seems like he gains a thousand followers.

Larry started his journey 142 days ago at a weight of 800 pounds. In just under five months, Evans has dropped an incredible 150 pounds. With the help of Gold’s gym, a trainer, and the encouragement of thousands on the internet, Evans doesn’t plan to stop dropping weight anytime soon.

How popular has Evans weight loss journey become? A video he posted three days ago of him bench pressing has been “liked” over 638,000 times. It was viewed almost 20 million times.

Here it is:

In the last day alone, Evans has gained 20,000 new fans on Facebook. The overwhelming majority of people on Larry’s page have nothing but kind words for him, which is quite an accomplishment given the vitriol that’s often spewed in comment sections around the web.

When’s the last time you saw a comment thread this positive:

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We’ll join the voices in his comment section and say: Keep it up, Larry!

Post by Larry Evans.

Post by Larry Evans.

Sources: Facebook, YouTube


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