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College Student Removed From Kidney Transplant List

A college student in need of a kidney has been denied a transplant because of his age.

Thiwat Thiwat, 21, learned his kidneys were failing during his senior year at Deering High School in Maine. His kidneys are functioning at just one percent, WCSH reports.

When Thiwat turned 21-years-old, he learned he was cut off from his health insurance provider, Mainecare. Because he lost his insurance, he was disqualified from the kidney donation list.

The former high school basketball star says his case highlights a big problem with Maine's healthcare system and the insurance cut-offs.

“Everyone needs help every once in awhile, and this is such a big thing to cut off from 21-year-olds,” Thiwat told WMTW. “We're just starting to figure out life. I should be able to have Mainecare because your health is one of the biggest things that either helps you or prevents you from progressing.”

Maine Med hospital is letting Thiwat continue dialysis until he re-qualifies for insurance. Additionally, social workers are working to help Thiwat apply for an application for disability insurance through Mainecare and Social Security, WLBZ reports.

Thiwat says he's grateful for the support from his community. 

Thiwat is enrolled in college full-time and has a part-time job, WMTW reports.

Sources: WCSH via WLBZWMTW / Photo Credit: NEWS CENTER via WLBZ

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