Man Puts On Bug Spray, Ends Up Being Rushed To The ER (Photos)


A man who put on bug spray before doing chores outside ended up in the ER with severe burns. 

Mark Machesky shared his experience on Facebook to warn others of the dangers of using bug spray near open flames. In his post, Machesky explained that he went outside to burn brush on his farm when he began to be bombarded by mosquitoes.

In an effort to stave off the bugs, he sprayed repellent on himself. Machesky then went outside and lit a fire, which immediately caused a flash of flame to cover his newly sprayed legs. 

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“A quick flash of the torch ignited both the brush and instantly a flash of flame to both my legs,” he wrote. “It happened so quickly, as I ran patting the burning flesh off my legs I reached a garden hose on a nearby outbuilding and began flushing my legs for about 20 minutes to ease the pain.”

Machesky subsequently went to the ER, where the remaining flesh on his legs was removed. He was later treated in the Burn Unit and continues to receive treatment to heal his wounds. He urged those on Facebook to take caution when applying bug spray.

“I am now at home resting, next appointment in 1 week at the Burn Clinic,” he wrote. "Pleas [sic] learn from my ignorance and please use caution and common sense when using these products around a fire. Recommendations is to wait at least 5 minutes or until dry after application of these products before getting near any type of open flame."

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“Hopefully my story will prevent potential injury to you and especially our children who may be unaware of the potential danger that exists with bug repellents and open flames.”

Sources: LiftBump, Facebook / Photo Credit: liftbump.com


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