Man Poses in Pink Tutu Around World to Make Wife with Cancer Smile, Raise Money for Cancer Foundation (Video)


Bob Carey began posing in a pink tutu to make his wife Linda, who has breast cancer, smile during her chemotherapy.

“After Linda was diagnosed, that’s when I went into self-therapy mode. I grabbed a tutu and we went out and started making pictures,” Bob said in a video (below) produced by the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom.

“It makes me laugh, it helps me keep positive,” added Linda, who has battled breast cancer since 2003.

She compared Bob's pictures to “when a superhero puts on the cape.” The photos turned out to be so popular that the Careys founded "The Tutu Project."

The Tutu Project is Bob traveling around the world, taking pictures of himself in the pink tutu to contribute to a "Ballerina" book.

Sales of the book raise money for the couple's Carey Foundation that was founded to "support to women diagnosed with breast cancer, survivors, and their family members."

Bob, a professional photographer, also posts some of the pictures on The Tutu Project's Twitter page.

“To me, it's just recording my feelings. You know it started out as self-therapy and helping myself, but now it's about helping others and raising awareness and ultimately helping women going through horrible times of their life,” Carey told while outside Germany’s Brandenburg Gate on Monday (video below).

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