Man Plans to Sell A Testicle To Buy His Dream Car (Video)


There are some people that have such a deep love for cars that they would literally give anything for that one they’ve always dreamed of. In the case of one man, he wants his dream car so badly that he’s decided to sell one of his testicles. What’s his dream car, you may ask? A Ferrari? How about a Lamborghini? A Mercedes, even? Nope, it’s a Nissan.

Mark Pirisi made the shocking announcement on the CBS television show The Doctors that he was planning to sell one of his testicles to medical research for $35,000 just so that he could buy himself a Nissan 370Z.

It should be pointed out that while the Nissan 370Z is indeed a very nice car, it was ranked number five on US News’ list of the most affordable sports cars.

Watch the video below of Mark Pirisi on The Doctors telling the world that he plans to give up a testicle for his dream car.


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