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Ex-Cop With Parkinson's Uses Medical Marijuana (Video)

Larry Smith, a retired police officer with Parkinson's disease, tried medical marijuana for the first time and experienced amazing results (video below).

Smith, who has lived with Parkinson’s for 20 years, is the subject of a documentary "Ride With Larry," notes The Influence.

An unedited clip from the film shows Smith with uncontrolled movements, hand tremors and problems speaking.

Another person with Parkinson's advises Smith to use one drop of cannabis oil under his tongue. After five minutes, Smith has a drastic transformation. He has no problem speaking, his hands are steady and he appears to have full control of his body. The effect is temporary, but still mind-boggling.

Smith, who lives in South Dakota, says: "A person like me could really use marijuana, and it makes me pretty angry that I can't get it in my home state."

A medical marijuana bill was defeated 25-43 in South Dakota's state House in March, noted the Argus Leader.

Republican state Rep. Kristin Conzet suggested at the time that people who need medical marijuana should move to another state, and added: "I don’t like the road that we’re going down at this time. This is not a bill for South Dakota."

Democratic state Rep. Karen Soli said: "What we’re facing here is a decision about whether we will save the lives in every sense of the word. We don’t have a year to wait, we don’t have a couple of months to wait."

Dr. Daniele Piomelli of University of California, Irvine says in the "Ride With Larry" clip: "The No. 1 frustration that I have is knowing that there is this untapped potential that comes from what marijuana is teaching us to generate new medicines, and being stuck because of financial issues or political issues. That is extremely frustrating."

The "Ride With Larry" film website describes the documentary:

Larry doesn’t just live with Parkinson’s. He rises above it. After a 20-year battle with Parkinson’s, Larry has exhausted every conventional method of treatment, every drug, and even brain surgery. Refusing to give up, he seeks alternatives, discovering the untapped benefits of exercise and medical marijuana.

Now Larry will attempt the unthinkable, a 300-mile bike ride across South Dakota, a journey of hope for anyone facing a life altering illness. In this intimate portrait of courage, love, and community, Larry Smith refuses to give up, proving that if you love life, you’ll fight for it.

"Ride With Larry" medical marijuana clip

"Ride With Larry" trailer

Sources: The Influence, Argus Leader, / Photo credit: Ride with Larry/YouTube

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