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Man Orders White Wine At Cafe, Served Dishwater Detergent Instead And Dies

A cafe owner in Spain was arrested after a customer drank dishwater detergent, which was thought to be wine, and died.

Andres Lorente, 50, had ordered a glass of white wine on Sunday afternoon but was mistakenly served industrial cleaner which had been put inside a wine bottle and stored in the fridge, the Daily Mirror reports.

The colorless and odorless liquid caused internal burns to Lorente's windpipe, throat and stomach. The divorced father-of-two was rushed to a hospital in Vinaros and died before he could be airlifted to a specialist in Castellon.

Authorities arrested the cafe-bar owner on suspicion of manslaughter and released him on bail after questioning. He appeared before an investigating judge today for further questioning.

The bar has since been closed and experts are analyzing the bottle containing the dishwater detergent and the glass the victim drank from. They are awaiting an autopsy report.

"Everything at the moment is pointing towards a tragedy caused by negligence rather than ill-intent,” a source close to the investigation told the Daily Mirror. "The industrial cleaner appears to have been placed in an empty wine bottle in the fridge with the terrible consequences that entailed.

“In its appearance, texture and colour, it was identical to the glass of white wine the victim had ordered," the source added. "Our understanding is he only took a small sip of the liquid."

Sources: Daily Mirror, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Koreanamtl, Ryan Albrey/Flickr


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