Man Lost Half His Skull Because Jail Refused Him Antibiotic, Says Mom (Video)

Sandy Valentine claims that her son Robby had half of his skull removed because a jail in Norman, Oklahoma, refused to treat his sinus infection with a simple antibiotic.

Robby has reportedly been hospitalized for three months.

“He can’t talk, he can’t walk. He can’t tell you how he feels,” Sandy told KFOR (video below).

“He asked for medical attention and they gave him ibuprofen,” added Sandy.

Sandy repeatedly tried to get antibiotics for her son, but claims the staff ignored her and the infection spread to his brain.

According to the Daily Mail, Robby has been imprisoned since July 2014.

“It was almost a death sentence for him. We didn’t think he was going to live through the night, it was bad, really bad,” Brian Buswell, an attorney with Legal OKC, told KFOR.

“We put people into jail or in prison and we just forget about them. We don’t care what happens to them ... People don’t give a damn,” added Buswell.

Sandy plans to sue the jail, but because the jail has not yet received the lawsuit KFOR refused to identify the facility.


Sources: KFOR, Daily Mail
Image Credit: KFOR Screenshot


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