Flesh-Eating Bug Claims Man's Arms, Legs


John Rushton was shocked when he realized he wasn’t suffering from the common cold, but a vicious infection caused by a flesh-eating bug.

Rushton, from England, first began showing signs of a cold, which quickly developed into pneumonia, Mad World News reports. During a hospital visit, the 42-year-old was diagnosed with septicemia, which is a flesh-eating infection that causes a person's limbs to rot away.

Rushton was placed into a medically induced coma for 10 days, and doctors warned his family that hey may not make it out of the hospital. They also warned the family that Rushton may not make it out of the hospital, especially after his kidneys started to fail.

“My wife Janine was told I was dying,” Rushton told the Daily Mail. “I didn’t think there was any way I’d be coming home.”

His kidneys also began to fail, and doctors were forced to amputate Rushton's elgs, his right hand, and the fingers on his left hand.

“[My limbs] started decomposing whilst still attached and the smell of rotting meat was too much,” Rushton said. “So I know it sounds strange but by the time I had my operation, I was glad to lose them.”

Now that Rushton has recovered, he hopes to return to work at Royal Mail. His kidneys are now functioning well and he no longer needs rehabilitation therapy, the Daily Mail reports. Rushton has set small targets for himself during his recovery, like showering alone and eating solid food.

Last week, Rushton reportedly used prosthetics to walk for the first time and is now raising money for new artificial limbs of his own. The pricey limbs will allow him to feel hot and cold temperatures.

To raise money for the limbs, Rushton and his family created a Your Caring page, which has so far raised $15,000 of the $76,000 goal.

Sources: Mad World News, DailyMail

Photo Credit: Mad World News, Your Caring Page


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