Man Loses 66 Pounds, Walks With Cement On Head (Video)


A Chinese man says that he lost 66 pounds by carrying an 88-pound cement block on his head for a year (video below).

Cong Yan, who lives in Jilin, China, exercises daily with the block balanced on his head, notes, a Chinese website, which was translated by SCMP.

The 54-year-old man used to be overweight, but asserts that he was able to drop the weight and keep it off, without using diet pills.

Yan began his regime with a 33-pound rock, and worked his way up.

According to the Shanghaiist, some on the web are skeptical:

"Don't copy what he's doing! It will only add extra pressure to your knees and when you get older, you may have difficulty getting around."

"It isn’t worth trying. What if this kind of exercise causes some serious damage to the neck?"

"That’s right, he loses weight but look at his bald head. I prefer being fat to having no hair left."

Yan can walk almost two miles a day with the mini-boulder balanced on his noggin, and may contact the Guinness World Records about his "trendy" weight loss method.

"About four years ago I was overweight, I weighed about [253 pounds]," Yan told "I was suffering since I could not move easily."

Yan recalled that he went to a local health center to lose weight, but ultimately decided to walk at the Northern Mountain where he "saw lots of people doing exercise."

"I noticed that body warming and walking can make my body more powerful, but only walking didn't make me sweat," Yan added.

"That's why I decided to use stones to practice weightlifting. At first, I just lift the stone up and down, up and down, my arms became sore very quickly. I put the stone on my head when I was tired, however, I found it was comfortable doing exercise in this way."

Sources: SCMP,, Shanghaiist / Photo credit: Ruptly TV/YouTube

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