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Man Kicked Out Of Hospital For Ordering Pizza

An 800-pound man was kicked out of a hospital for ordering pizza.

Steven Assanti, 33, was removed from Rhode Island Hospital on Oct. 7 after violating his care plan by ordering a pizza. 

Assanti had spent 80 days at the hospital in hopes of reducing his weight to 550 pounds.

Assanti claimed the incident was the result of an eating disorder. In an interview with WJAR, his father, Steven Veillette, feared his son's previous eating habits would return if he were sent home.

"I just don't know who to turn to," Veillette said. "I called everybody — everybody you can think of in the state of Rhode Island and nobody seems to be [able to] help me."

The Cranston, Rhode Island, resident is currently living out of his father's SUV while his social worker finds him a permanent place to live.

More than one-third, 34.9 percent, of American adults are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to The Hospitalist, medical professionals struggle to effectively treat patients who are obese. Obese patients require transportation and have extensive care needs that may hinder hospitals' ability to treat them effectively. Hospitals and community organizations have invested in programs aimed to educate the public on obesity and healthy lifestyles.

"Behavior modification is the cornerstone," Dr. William Muinos, director of the weight management program at Miami's Children Hospital, told the Miami Herald. "You have to change the mindset from the very beginning."

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