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Man Injures Testicles During Crossfit Workout (Video)

A man recently suffered an unexpected injury while doing a crossfit workout.

While the unidentified crossfitter was jumping on and off a small platform, he accidentally missed and slammed his groin into the platform.

According to, a friend of the man sent a video (below) of the injury to the website for the world to watch.

After the man's injury, a woman comes over to check on him, but stands off to the side after realizing there's not much she can do during his temporary discomfort.

Even if you don't do crossfit sessions, plain-old running can cause pain all over your body.

Steven Magness, Olympic coach and the University of Houston cross country team coach, recently explained to Wired the causes of different types of pain while running.

If you feel burning in your legs while you run, Magness says it's probably because of a build up of lactic acid, which is your leg muscle telling your brain that it is out of energy.

Magness explained to Wired that there are two possible causes for feeling a pain in your side when you run. Running can cause you to strain a ligament that connects your diaphragm and abdominal muscles or there is a lack of calcium in your abdominal muscles, preventing the muscles from relaxing.

If you feel pain in your lungs while taking a jog, it's most likely because your lungs cannot exhale CO2 fast enough.

“You are breathing so intensely that you can’t get all of the bad air out,” Magness told Wired. “At this point, you stop, and bend over, and suck in, and you can finally catch up."

Of course, if you have any sudden physical problems that seem serious, you should go to the ER as soon as possible.

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