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Man Has Blister The Size Of His Palm Popped (Video)

A gruesome viral video (below) shows a blister that takes up a man’s entire palm being popped.

The unidentified man filmed himself having the blister popped and cleaned by a doctor. He uploaded the disgusting footage to YouTube.

When the doctor squeezes the huge bubble, causing fluid to come shooting out. As the doctor continues to pat the blister, she tells the man, “I couldn’t resist.”

More liquid continues to spray out of the blister and the man says, “That definitely doesn’t feel good.” 

The man tells the doctor he works at a car wash and she advises that he does cashier work instead of washing cars until the blister heals.

In the video’s description on YouTube, the man, who goes by the username The Most ProNoob, explains that the blister formed on his left palm after he suffered second-degree burns.

Watch the horrific footage below.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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