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Man Gets Permanent Erection From Penis Tattoo

The unnamed 21-year-old Iranian man asked for the words “borow be salaamat” (which means “good luck with your journeys”)  and his girlfriend’s initial to be tattooed on his penis, but ended up between a rock and hard place.

At the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in Kermanshah, Iran, doctors said the man had a non-ischemic priapism, a condition where blood flowing out of the penis is not sufficient enough to shrink the erection.

The study authors wrote in the Journal of Sexual Medicine: “In our case, most probably, the handheld needle penetrated the penis too deep, creating an arteriovenous fistula. The man’s painful penis had no erections for eight days following the tattooing and then he noticed longer-than-usual sleep-related erections. This progressed, within a week, to a constantly half-rigid penis, day and night.”

Doctors had to implant a shunt in his penis, allowing the excess blood to drain.

“Predictably, the procedure was unsuccessful,” they wrote. “Because of the painless nature of erections, moderately good preservation of erectile function during intercourses, and disappointment with former surgery, the patient has declined to undergo further therapies, and lives with his condition.”


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