Man Realizes The Cause Of His Food Poisoning After Throwing Up (Photo)


A photo (below) of what appeared to be a live worm, reportedly thrown up by a man with food poisoning after eating sushi, went viral after being posted to Reddit.

“A guy with food poisoning from sushi threw this up at the ER. The fact that he threw it up means that it was this size when he ate it,” the caption that accompanied the photo read.

Commenters on Reddit were intrigued and even a bit baffled by the squirming creature, which was pictured swimming in what appeared to be a bowl of water.

“What the hell is that thing?” one Redditor asked. It was revealed that the creature was, in fact, a parasite from raw fish that had been consumed and caused the man to get food poisoning. 

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“Most sushi is flash frozen, which kills parasites,” Redditor Pseudolobster explained. “Ironically, this would have to be extra fresh sushi to have worms.”

“Just a parasite from raw fish. Very common, but never this big. How the f*** did he not see that in the fish,” Aliencj said of the disturbing surprise.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Credit: imgur.com, Wikimedia Commons


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