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Man With First Life-Saving Face Transplant Meets Press

A patient only identified as "Grzegorz" made his first public appearance today after undergoing the world’s first life-saving face transplant back in May.

While other face transplants have been performed, this was the first time the procedure was done to save a life.

Grzegorz, who wore dark glasses, was unable to speak clearly to reporters at a hospital in Gliwice, Poland, reports AFP.

However, his “speech should be back to normal within nine months,” Professor Adam Maciejewski told the press.

Grzegorz was seriously injured on April 23 when a machine used to cut stone tore a large part of his face.

The transplant surgery was performed on May 15 during during a 27-hour-long operation, in which Grzegorz was conscious the entire time.

According to Grzegorz's sister Barbara, he can “see, read and taste flavors."

Source: AFP


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