Man on Fire Walks Brooklyn Streets (Video)


An unidentified man, who was badly burned by a small explosion in Brooklyn, New York, yesterday, walked the streets while on fire.

A security camera video (below) captured the 22-year-old man calmly walking while smoke poured from his body, reported The Gothamist.

The man was reportedly trying to smoke hookah, a Persian form of vaporized tobacco, when there was an explosion.

A truck driver and businessman spotted the man, pushed him on the ground and put out the fire.

"I hung up the phone and I started chasing him," businessman Alex Mayer told WABC. "And I'm like, 'Drop and roll! Drop and roll!' I caught up with a half block up, when he finally dropped.

"He dropped on his side to roll, but he was still on fire," added Claude, the truck driver. "And I took the fire extinguisher out of the truck and I sprayed him... It put the fire out."

The man, who was burned on 90 percent of his body, was transported to a local hospital, but died this morning.

Sources: The Gothamist, WABC


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