Man Finds Out He Only Has 100 Orgasms Left Before His Penis Stops Working

A 34-year-old man known only as R.L.S. has just 100 orgasms left before permanently losing the ability to get an erection, thanks to a rare erectile dysfunction condition.

The man recently wrote a letter to BroBible describing his condition, known as idiopathic fibrosis – the condition involves the build-up of scar tissue in the penis, which eventually makes it impossible to have an erection.

“I have a finite amount of real, working, orgasm-capable erections remaining,” R.L.S. wrote. “They estimate I have about a hundred [orgasms] left.”

Following the diagnosis, the man said he was left “blindsided” by the condition. He added that his entire life changed in an instant.

“It’s like hearing you have six months to live,” R.L.S. said.

R.L.S. wrote to BroBible hoping someone could shed light on his diagnosis. He admitted that therapy and medication had not helped his condition and that he’d traveled through the five stages of grief. Though he has accepted his fate, R.L.S. noted that he doesn’t know how to cope with the condition.

In his letter to BroBible, R.L.S. wrote of one woman who wanted to go “for a second round” and the wave of panic that swept over him.

The 34-year-old hopes to plan a “farewell tour” before losing the ability to orgasm ever again.

Sources: Raw Story, The Huffington Post / Photo Credit: Flickr


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