Florida Man Is Injured Chasing Monkey Who Stole His Hat

Florida Man Is Injured Chasing Monkey Who Stole His Hat Promo Image

A Florida man was injured in Bali after he fell from a roof while chasing a monkey that stole his hat.

Jeff Swedenhjelm, 40, of Destin, had been living in Bali in Indonesia when the incident occurred, WPIX reports. On Dec. 18, the man, who is known as "Swede" to his friends and family, fell 33 feet from a roof.

Jeff had reportedly been chasing a monkey who had stolen his favorite Pittsburgh Steelers hat. Villagers found the man after he fell and brought him to a local hospital.

Jeff has severe damage to his spinal cord, and is currently paralyzed from the chest down. He is reportedly on a ventilator in a medically induced coma, and is also suffering from pneumonia, reports the Northwest Florida Daily News.

Jeff had moved to Bali a number of years ago to work, while his daughter and her mother live in Destin.

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Lyric Swedenhjelm, Jeff's 21-year-old daughter, said their family's priority was to get her father out of Bali to receive medical care. Lyric said that the medical care in Bali is that of a third-world country, and that her father did not receive an MRI for nearly 24 hours after his fall.

Lyric added that her father does not have medical insurance or money to pay for medical care.

"Our utmost concern is to get Swede out of Bali and into a country with a spinal specialist," said Lyric.

"All I want for Christmas or my birthday is for my dad to get this surgery as soon as possible," she added. She said that her family was channeling resources into having Jeff flown to Singapore for medical treatment.

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Lyric said her father is a "very popular, a social guy, always out and organizing parties and events," adding that he has "a great team of friends that have been by his side."

Jeff's family has started a GoFundMe to raise money for his medical care, which has netted more than $73,000 in donations. The campaign's goal, which also seeks to raise funds for Jeff's rehabilitation after his surgery, is $100,000.

According to an update on the campaign's page, Jeff is en route to Malaysia, where is he set to receive an urgent surgery.

"This is truly a Christmas Miracle and we can't thank you ALL enough!" wrote Jeff's family on the GoFundMe page. According to the family, the medical evacuation and surgery cost around $67,000, but the campaign will continue to raise funds for Jeff's rehabilitation, which was estimated to last anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

Sources: WPIX, Northwest Florida Daily News, GoFundMe / Featured Image: Daisuke Tashiro/Flickr / Embedded Images: Contributed via Northwest Florida Daily News

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