What Happens If You Eat Chipotle For 153 Days Straight? This Man Found Out (Photos)


A Los Angeles man began a journey that resulted in him eating Chipotle for 153 days straight with interesting results.

Andrew Hawryluk, 23, said he began eating Chipotle daily after jokingly deciding to give up not eating Chipotle at least once a day for Lent, KTLA reported.

“As we all know, an anti-fasting, experimental holiday is only as good as its name, so as its founder and only practitioner, I deemed it the season of Chipotlent,” Hawryluk wrote on his website, Chipotlife. After the 40 day challenge was completed, the young man decided he’d keep it going. He started documenting his daily Chipotle intake by taking a picture of each of his receipts from the restaurant every day.

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Each visit would consist of exactly the same meal — white rice, chicken, guacamole, lettuce and Tabasco sauce. In total, Hawryluk said he’s spent $1,567 and consumed close to 110,890 calories worth of the Mexican fast food.

Interested in seeing how his new diet would affect his health, Hawryluk performed blood tests prior to the start of Chipotlent as well as after 82 days of consistent Chipotle consumption.

“Long story short, I lowered my total cholesterol but my LDL and HDL went in conventionally negative directions while still remaining in overwhelmingly optimal ranges,” he said. “I suspect any changes were common/negligible and had very little to do with Chipotle specifically.”

Through careful dieting outside of his once-a-day Chipotle habit, as well as regular exercise, Hawryluk said he’s stayed in good shape.

“When all’s said and done, I’m only 23 years old and have a naturally fast metabolism, so I kind of have a free pass to eat whatever I want for the next few years,” he wrote on his site. “However, I do exercise regularly so I guess that helps as well.”

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He also addressed those who criticized his Chipotlife challenge from a health standpoint.

“After receiving the results of the ‘After’ test, my doctor gave me a very good bill of health and said ‘keep doing whatever you’re doing,'” he wrote. “To anyone who says Chipotle is unhealthy, I believe this is somewhat sufficient evidence proving otherwise, so long as you are nutrition-conscious when placing your order.”

Sources: KTLA, Q13 Fox

Photo credit: Chipotlife, ktla.com, Wikimedia Commons


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