Man Doesn't Feel Pain Because Of Genetic Condition (Video)

Most people would love to live a life free of pain, but one man has lived that scenario his entire life, which has turned out to be a nightmare.

Steve Pete claims that he has suffered over 70 broken bones (video below).

Pete has a rare genetic condition called congenital analgesia, which means he was born with an insensitivity to pain.

Pete's brother, Chris, also suffers from congenital analgesia, but the men didn't know until they were tested in 2011 that they both had mutations of the SCN9A gene, which causes the condition, noted Fox News.

The 33-year-old resident of Kelso, Washington, didn't realize that he once suffered a serious injury until he saw his bones sticking out of his skin. As a toddler, Pete chewed off part of his own tongue by accident.

“I’ve had so many injuries over the years that it’s hard to recall,” Pete told News.com.au.

“There’ve been times when I’ve cut my feet open and have walked around without knowing,” Pete added. “I actually sliced my pinky finger open just the other day making dinner and didn’t notice. My brother-in-law had to tell me. I looked, and there was blood all over the place.”

Even though he feels no pain, Pete says that he still suffers from a bad left knee, a problematic right hip and two fractured vertebrae in his back.

“It’s not pain I deal with; it’s extreme discomfort," Pete said. "If I’m lying in bed at night, I’m sensing my body trying to constantly heal itself. It’s getting worse and worse. I only get three to four hours sleep, so it has psychological effect on me."

Sources: Fox News, News.com.au / Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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