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Man Discovers Why Doctors Gave Him Just Two Weeks To Live


A man was given two weeks to live after getting liver failure from taking green tea supplements.

Matthew Whitby began taking protein supplements with green tea extract as a way to lose weight, not expecting the negative effects the extract would have.

After taking the supplements, Whitby was told he had two weeks to live. He got an emergency liver transplant — having no choice but to receive a liver that was infected with Hepatitis B.

The liver failure, it was discovered, was caused by the green tea extract within the protein supplements. 

"I didn’t think something you could buy online or just over the counter did the damage that it did to me," Whitby said, according to Independent Journal. "They didn’t say anything about ‘could cause liver failure.'”

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Carolinas HealthCare System gastroenterologist Herbert Bonkovsky, M.D. told Shape magazine that the benefits of green tea are not as significant as people believe.

"There isn't any need to take these supplements, and when you look at the actual scientific evidence, the benefits of green tea are small to nil," Bonkovsky said.

Whitby is now on medication, which he will take for the rest of his life. He's now spreading awareness about the dangers of the supplements he took that caused the liver failure.

Sources: Independent Journal, Shape / Photo credit: Independent Journal

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