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Man Dies After Swimming With New Tattoo (Photos)

A man died after swimming with a fresh tattoo and developing sepsis. 

The unidentified Hispanic man reportedly ignored the advice of people who told him to wait two weeks before going into pools or bodies of water. He ultimately decided to swim in the Gulf of Mexico just five days after getting his tattoo, and the new ink quickly became infected with a flesh-eating bacteria that caused chunks of his skin to fall off. 

The day after he swam in the Gulf, the man developed a fever and a red rash near the artwork. Over the next two days, the man became more sick and was ultimately taken to the hospital. Doctors discovered patches of his skin that turned purple, and suspected that the illness was caused by vibrio vulnificus bacteria. 

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The man, doctors discovered, already had cirrhosis of the liver that was caused by his daily drinking habits. This weakened his liver and made him more vulnerable to infection. He was given antibiotics but within 24 hours was placed on life support as his organs began to fail. He fought septic shock and battled his illness for two weeks before doctors finally got his symptoms to a manageable enough place for him to be sent home. 

A few weeks later, however, the man suddenly died of septic shock that caused his kidneys to fail, Daily Mail reported.

Many readers said the man should have listened to people's advice and avoided going into the water with his new tattoo.

"That bacteria is not something 2 mess around with!!!!!! I've seen people lose several limbs and their lives because of this bacteria!!!!!!!" one reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"And this is what happens when u don't listen it's common sense," another added.

Some readers felt as though tattoos should be avoided altogether. 

"I will sound boring but I don't feel the need to put 'art' on my body anyway, I'm happy with how I look and this stuff really doesn't need to be plastered all over people. Waste of money. But each to their own!! Rest in peace," one Daily Mail reader commented.

Others, however, felt that the judgment regarding tattoos was unwarranted.

"Why are there so many comments hating on tattoos? It says a lot about you if you judge somebody just because they have a tattoo. I have tattoos, I work in the teaching profession, I'm highly educated. Going off the comments on here I'm also a much nicer person than those of you who don't have tattoos. Would love to hear what you do in your daily life that makes so much difference. Certainly nothing important," one reader commented. 

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo credit: Unsplash via Pexels, BMJ Case Reports via Daily Mail 

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