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Man Dies In Eight Months After Getting Sunburnt On Vacation

A man who developed a rare form of skin cancer after getting sunburned during his vacation in Turkey has died.

U.K. man Andy Prowting, 24, spent his holiday in Turkey, and when he came back he noticed that a large brown mole on his back had changed in texture and color.

Prowting was referred to the dermatology center of St. Mary’s Community Health Campus in Portsmouth, Hants. He was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a very dangerous type of skin cancer.

The security supervisor underwent aggressive treatment, having surgeries to remove the mole along with lymph nodes under his right arm and tissue in his back. He also took part in a chemotherapy clinical trial in August.

However, when doctors ran test, they discovered that Prowting’s cancer had spread to his bones and liver. Doctors gave him months to live, as no hospitals in the area could treat the rare secondary form.

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(via Mirror Online)

Hope was found when Prowting and his family learned about The Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas, where treatment is offered to stop the growth and spread of cancer. The only problem was that the family needed to raise a little over $94,000 for the treatment.

Friends and family did not let the price discourage them. They started a fundraising group called Andy’s Army to help finance Prowting’s treatment. They raised about $36,000 in five weeks.

Unfortunately, Prowting did not have that much time. He died Wednesday evening, leaving friends and family heartbroken.

Prowting’s mother delivered the news on the Andy’s Army Facebook page. “This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, I am devastated to inform you all of Andy’s passing,” Julia WIlliams wrote. “He is free from pain now. I am so heartbroken. He was my life. I will love you forever Andy. Thank you for all the support.”

Karen Fuller, a friend of Prowting, added: “Andy was so strong all throughout his illness and always showed his lovely smile. Heaven has gained one in a million. Andy will be missed by many.”

The money raised by Andy’s Army is now going to the teenager and young adult cancer unit at Southampton General Hospital in Hants.

Source: Mirror OnlineFacebook / Photo Credit: FacebookMirror Online


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