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Driver Who Killed Jogger Has Brain Tumors

A driver who hit and killed a jogger has been discovered to be suffering from brain tumors.

Peter Holmes Berge, 60, was arrested for killing 35-year-old jogger Scott Spoo after striking him in his BMW SUV on Feb.22 in St Paul, Minnesota, reports the Daily Mail.

An engineer at 3M, Spoo was described by his family as an avid cyclist, jogger and outdoor enthusiast. "He had an easy manner. He was very welcoming and kind. Everyone at 3M who knew him is devastated," said one of his colleagues to the Star Tribune.

When police arrived at the scene of the accident, Berge was allegedly behaving oddly, and failed a field sobriety test, which typically consists of attempting to walk in a straight line.

However, he passed the breath test, which registered negative for the presence of alcohol. But officers noted a green residue on his tongue, leading them to suspect that he might have ingested marijuana. They then arrested him on suspicion of criminal vehicle operation.

Three days after the being released, Berge was playing guitar at home when he felt weakness in his side. A resulting examination discovered four brain tumors.

Berge, whose wife, Debra, died of cancer in 2015, is the Web Director for Minnesota Continuing Legal Education and is a member of the Hudson County Bar Association.

Those who know him were quick to vouch for his character. "I am a very very good friend of Peter, and I know he does not use drugs and is very responsible as a driver," said Mike Salovich to the Daily Mail. "If we go out to eat he always insists on taking an Uber. A group of us went to California last fall and every day Peter volunteered to be the designated driver. The initial allegations concerning Peter didn't match his character."

Berge remains in the hospital and has not spoken of the case publicly. Detectives have not ruled out the possibility that the tumors caused the incident, and are awaiting the results of a blood test, which could take up to three months, according to a St. Paul Police spokesman.

Sources: Daily Mail, Star Tribune / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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