Man Cooks And Eats Own Finger


Would you be able to eat your own finger? Most people would say no, and then quickly change the subject if the idea was ever brought up. But for 30-something Dave Playpenz, once the subject came up, he decided it was something he was willing to try.

After injuring his hand in an accident with his motorcycle, surgeons had to remove the finger and part of his hand once it started turning black. Once the surgery was over, rather than throwing the finger away, the bondage furniture maker inquired about taking his removed finger home with him.

“It had been kept in the same fridge where the nurses stored the milk for their tea,” he said. “I’d always wondered what human flesh tastes like. But it’s taboo.”

After taking the finger home, he waited two days to recover from his operation before deciding to cook and eat his finger.

“I know it sounds mad, but it wasn’t just the curiosity. That finger was a big bit of me, too big a bit to lose. I decided that, if I ate the flesh and kept the bones, then I wouldn’t be losing part of me.”

Playpenz boiled the finger in salt water before eating it without sauce or wince because he “wanted to know what the real taste was.”

After eating the flesh, he now keeps the remaining finger bones in a box.

Sources: TheSun, Examiner


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