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Man In China Amputates His Own Leg After Being Refused The Life-Saving Operation Due to Lack of Funds

When doctors in China told a man that he had three months to live because he couldn’t afford a life-saving amputation, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Zheng Yanliang, 47, reportedly used a saw and a small knife to cut off his own leg, while biting a piece of wood in an effort to mask the excruciating pain.

Zheng apparently went to the doctor after first experiencing intense leg pain back in January of 2012. Doctors eventually diagnosed him with an arterial embolism and said that the only thing they could do was to amputate his leg.

With no money to pay for the surgery, however, Zheng was dismissed and sent home with three months to live.

Zheng sat day after day in agony while still trying to convince doctors to perform the amputation, but unfortunately, none would agree. One night in April of last year, Zheng has finally had enough, so he took a saw and a knife and cut his own leg off. In the process, he even lost some teeth after biting down on a piece of wood to try and lessen the pain more.

Now, his self-operated leg has finally healed, but the arterial embolism has spread into his other leg. He and his family have appealed hospitals for funds to amputate the other leg, but nothing has come of it. After his story started to receive media attention in China, it’s been revealed that a doctor in Shanghai has agreed to do all further medical procedures for free.

"My medical colleagues and I will provide him with free medical services," said Dr. Zhang Qiang of the Shanghai Wode Medical Centre.

The family is also taking donations for help paying all their medical bills by calling the number found at this link.


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