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Man Calls Solihull Police to Complain About Sub Par Prostitute

After pulling up to pick up his prostitute, an English man called the cops to report she was not as good looking as she hyped herself up to be.

The West Midlands Police Department in England then informed the man that soliciting sex was illegal — no matter what the prostitute looks like.

“We had a call on Tuesday at about 7:30 pm," said a Solihull department spokesperson. "The caller said he had arranged to meet a prostitute outside a hotel and he did not like the look of her. He said she made herself out to be better than she was. When he took issue with this she took his car keys, ran out of the car and then threw them back at him.”

The scorned man then called to report her for breaching the Sale of Goods Act, which was passed in 1979 in England to give consumers legal rights against faulty goods. A good that does not match the seller’s description, for example, would violate the law.

The man did not give his identity when he called the police, but they were able to track him down anyway and send him a warning letter.

"It was unbelievable — he genuinely believed he had done nothing wrong and that the woman should have been investigated by police for misrepresentation,” said Jerome Moran, a sergeant based at Solihull police station.

Moran called the man back to explain he was much more in the wrong than she.

"I told him that she'd not committed any offences and that it was his actions, in soliciting for sex, that were in fact illegal," Moran said.

Prostitution in itself is not illegal in England, but soliciting sex or operating a brothel are punishable offenses.

Sources: BBC, Inquisitr


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