Man Blows Self Up in Front Yard in Costa Mesa, California


An unidentified 52-year-old man blew himself up on the front lawn of his home in Costa Mesa, California, on Sunday.

Police went to the man's home after neighbors called 911 about him laying in his front yard.

The man refused the police officers’ help and went back into his house, so the officers left, reports

About an hour later, police got another 911 call about an explosion in the man's front yard, which ultimately killed him.

“We were in the house when we heard the explosion,” a neighbor told CBS Los Angeles. “We always hear fireworks or whatever and didn’t think much of it until the cops showed up.”

Neighbors also said that the man disliked the government.

Police have found three explosive devices in the home, said Sgt. Jerry Hildeman.

The explosion is being investigated by the Orange County Bomb Squad and several police departments, who evacuated nearby houses.

Sources: and CBS Los Angeles


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