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Man Bitten By Spider Faced Kidney Failure

Alex Beer, 32, from Kent, England, started noticing his arm was slightly swollen one day. He attributed it to allergies and ignored it, but a short while later he had massive blisters and his kidneys began failing, Mirror reported.

"I was sweating constantly and my arm had ballooned with the swelling traveling up my arm at an alarming rate and felt extremely tired and was becoming less responsive,” Beer wrote on Facebook.

"At the hospital I was declining pretty fast to the point where my kidneys were starting to fail and large blisters were forming all over my arm.”

The cause of Beer’s rapid decline was apparently a bite from a false widow spider. It took doctors some time to figure out what was wrong and he was in the hospital for two weeks before he was discharged. “'At the hospital I was placed on several bags of both antibiotics and saline fluids a day intravenously,” he said.

“Every day blood tests were taken the results of which didn't seem to explain what was wrong.”

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Terry, Beer’s father, said it was terrifying to watch his son decline so quickly. “It was a scary two weeks in hospital watching one you love go through this,” he told Daily Mail.

Though Beer is now doing better, he hopes the incident will raise awareness about the danger of spiders.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail Photo credit: Alex Beer/Facebook via Mirror


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