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Man Accused Of Selling Woman Bag Of Dirt As Cancer Cure For $2,000

Vincent Gammill is accused of selling a fake cancer cure and practicing medicine without a license in Richmond, California.

The Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit and the Contra Costa Sheriff's Office began their investigation of Gammill after a woman with late-stage cancer informed authorities of the alleged scam, notes the Contra Costa Times.

The woman told police that she went to Gammill's office last month, and he charged $2,000 for 16 hours of exams, consultations and a treatment, which consisted of "multiple plastic ... baggies with different powders, empty capsules, vials of liquids, commercially produced medications with expired shelf life dates [including medications labeled in Russian] and a baggie of dirt."

Gammill allegedly told the woman to mix the concoction in a frying pan before taking it. She did so, felt a burning in her stomach, but Gammill allegedly told her that was a sign that the ingredients were working, CBS San Francisco reports.

Gammill was arrested on July 9 for allegedly practicing medicine without a license, dependent adult abuse and furnishing dangerous drugs without a license.

Police reportedly found over 25,000 prescription pills at Gammill's office and home in El Cerrito.

Gammill is being held in the Contra Costa County Jail, but is supposed to appear in court on Aug. 31.

Sources: Contra Costa Times, CBS San Francisco / Image Credit: Work Projects Administration Poster Collection (Library of Congress)


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