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Man Accused of Forcing his Elderly Mother to Beg For Money (Video)

A YouTube video (below) that claims to show elder abuse at the University Town Center in Irvine, California is being investigated by police.

In the video, an unidentified cameraman confronts an unidentified Asian man who has wheeled an elderly woman to his car in the middle of the night, reports the Los Angeles Times.

"Is this your mom? Why do you exploit her?" the cameraman repeatedly asks.

The Asian man calls the cameraman a "paid stooge" and claims the videographer is harassing the elderly woman.

The YouTube page description claims that the Asian man is using the elderly woman to beg for money:

A well-dressed man is busted in a con while picking up his elderly mother after forcing her to beg for money for several hours in the cold. This event occurred at the UCI Town Center shopping center (4100 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA 92612).

I first observed the elderly women at 11:00 PM outside of "Cha for Tea" coffee shop. It was a cold evening, 55 degrees. Here sat a very old Asian women (possibly in her 80's) with white hair in a wheelchair holding a sign that said simply "HELP ME."

I asked her for her name, and how I could help her. She said her name was Cathy, and she asked for money because she had been homeless for six months. This was part of some type of a scam because she was not homeless, her son picks her up every evening in a very nice Toyota Prius!!

She appeared to have signs of disability (perhaps mental illness) based on her rambling speech. A nearby UCI Town Center security guard (young Caucasian male in his early 20's) said that she is often dropped off there by her son, who drives a silver Toyota Prius. He then picks her up later in the evening. The security guard said this has been going on for "years."
A google search for "cathy uci wheelchair" reveals at least three references to an old asian women begging for money from a wheelchair. The dates of these articles and references to the UCI Town Center reveal that this has been going on since April 9th, 2011.

"None of this is news to us. We were a month into this investigation before anyone was talking about it," Irvine police spokeswoman Lt. Julia Engen said. "What you see on that video, there's no evidentiary value there."

Source: Los Angeles Times


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