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Man Mistakes Glue For Ear Drops -- It Doesn't Go Well (Photos)

Song Wan, 45, couldn't hear for a week after he woke up to put some drops in his ear and instead grabbed a glue container.

Instead of grabbing his bottle of ear drops -- which he was using to treat a recent infection -- Song picked up a bottle of 502 glue, a strong adhesive, and squeezed several drops into his ear, reported. Still in his pajamas, he rushed to First People’s Hospital of Hangzhou, in China’s Zhejiang province, where Dr. Li Yong, an ear, nose, and throat specialist, told him to wait a week.

For that entire time, Song was nearly deaf.

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According to Li, the mucosal membrane in Song’s ear would form a layer between the glue and his eardrum, which would allow doctors to safely remove it. If medics attempted to remove the glue too soon, it would likely rupture Song’s eardrum.

Song, whose hearing has returned, later went back to the hospital to thank Li for his advice.

Sources:  Daily Star, / Photo Credit: CEN, Alberto .... /Flickr, Simon James/Flickr


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