Man Upset About Penis Size After Giant Testicles Removed


A man with testicles that weighed 140 pounds was left unhappy after their removal because the surgery left him with a small penis.

Wesley Warren Jr. underwent a 13-hour procedure to have his scrotum removed after his testicles grew to 140 pounds following an injury to his right testicle in 2008.

Warren said he woke up one day with a scrotum "the size of a honeydew melon" and it continued to grow an average of 3 pounds per month until his surgery. Because he did not have health insurance, he had to live with the growth for several years.

Warren had to start wearing hoodie sweatshirts as pants to conceal his testicles. He was in crippling pain day after day from carrying around the extra weight.

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After his procedure, Warren said he was still upset about his condition, as the surgery left him with a penis measuring 1 inch long.

"I know the majority of people are probably expecting me to express extreme happiness and glee that my life has been transformed since the sac has been removed -- but it’s not as simple as that," he told The Sun. 

Warren died in 2014 of a heart attack after being in the hospital for more than five weeks due to infections brought on by diabetes, according to The Huffington Post.

His roommate, Joey Hurtado, told the Las Vegas Review Journal he didn't believe the testicle removal surgery the year before played a part in his death.

Sources: The SunHuffington Post / Photo credit: Las Vegas Review Journal

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