Don't Wait: Start Having Mammograms at 40

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American Society of Breast Surgeons' meeting in May of 2011 has reaffirmed that women between 40 and 49 who do not have mammograms may miss an opportunity to get early diagnosis of their breast cancers.

In fact, when the masses in this group were found, they were more likely to be larger and have positive nodes than if they were picked up on mammogram, showing the same benefits of mammogram in these younger women that we seen in the older women.

For most women, that first mammogram should be done at age 40; for some women, they need an even earlier mammogram; for some women, they can safely delay. You and your gyno need to have a serious gab. And this is one of those conversations that has to be repeated, as you age, as your case changes, and as the information comes out.

The bottom line: mammography, no matter how many tests you add to it, outperforms other tests when detecting cancers.


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