'Mamming' Sweeps the Web, Women Press Breasts on Objects to Promote Mammograms (Video)

"Mamming" has become the latest Internet fad.

In case you have not heard of it, mamming is when a woman (and some men) rest their breasts on a hard surface in support of women getting mammograms during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

After taking a clothed photo of their breasts resting on everything from a copier machine to grocery store produce, women post the picture on Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag "#mamming," notes the New York Post.

Mamming was thought up by two advertising executives, Michelle Jaret and Michelle Lamont, who created ThisIsMamming.com and a video (below) to embrace “the awkwardness of mammograms."

"Overall the response has been very positive, although there have been some people wondering how a campaign like this is going to 'cure' breast cancer," Lamont, a 25-year-old breast cancer survivor, told the Daily Mail.

‘When I was sick, I asked my doctors about a cure. One actually told me that the best cure we have is prevention," added Lamont. "Prevention is screening like mammograms and self-exams and they are the best tool we have to catch cancer early, and catching it early is how we beat it."

"Our goal was to create something fun that would break through the clutter of breast cancer awareness month. We've seen breast cancer awareness campaigns that use humor and sexuality, and ones that don't mention mammograms or breasts at all."

However, not everyone finds mamming humorous.

Boing Boing blogger Xeni Jardin has been documenting her experience with breast cancer for the past two years, reported The Guardian in a recent profile.

She recently blasted Lamont on Twitter: “@MicheleJaret @mishhlaa I have breast cancer. Your self-serving schtick is tasteless, disrespectful, and ill-informed. Go f--- yourselves."

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