Male Doctor: Women Rely Too Much On C-Sections, Drugs For Childbirth

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Dr. Michel Odent, 85, says women should not to rely so much on caesarean deliveries, pain killing medications and drug-induced labor during childbirth.

The French obstetrician gives his advice in his upcoming new book, "Do We Need Midwives?" and as a contributor in a new book, "Mama: Love, Motherhood and Revolution."

In the UK, more than 25 percent of the women have their babies via caesarean, noted the Daily Mail.

Odent, who used to practice at Pithiviers hospital in France, is concerned about women who are given an extra dose of oxytocin (a natural hormone in pregnant women) by doctors to start labor and/or speed up the birth process.

Odent, 85, believes that artificially-given oxytocin may suppress women from producing it themselves. Oxytocin is strongly linked to creating milk for the baby and bonding with offspring.

Odent claims that if women fail to produce oxytocin naturally, then they may have difficulty breastfeeding.

Odent also advised that midwives can help calm the baby delivery process by knitting in the same room and by stopping doctors from intervening in natural childbirth, reports the Daily Mail.

Odent, who started the Primal Health Research Centre in London during the 1970s, said in 2013, "Most women give birth now on a synthetic oxytocin drip. It is the most common medical intervention in childbirth ... We are playing with the oxytocin systems of human beings without knowing what we are doing,” reported The Telegraph.

Odent told a few years ago that the number of women who give birth to a baby and to the placenta (by natural means) is "approaching zero" (video below).

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