Maker's Mark Apologizes, Won't Water Down Whiskey

After a lot of intense social media backlash, Maker’s Mark is reversing its decision to lower the amount of alcohol in its whiskey.

Rob Samuels, the chief operating officer of Maker’s Mark, has asked customers to disregard the company’s announcement last week that the famous whiskey would be lowering its alcohol content from 45 percent to 42 percent due to a supply shortage of bourbon. Immediately after last week’s announcement, the company received thousands of comments online urging them not to lower the alcohol content.

The company tweeted to its followers on Sunday: “You spoke. We listened.”

The company initially considered lowering the alcohol content as a way to extend their supply of bourbon further, which is currently stretched a little too thin at the moment. The shortage has come about because of the company’s worldwide expansion.

"Our focus was on the supply problem. That led to us focusing on a solution," said Maker's Mark Chairman Emeritus Bill Samuels. "We got it totally wrong." Bill and Rob Samuels, the son and grandson of the company’s founder respectively, said they were attempting to alter the taste as little as possible while stretching their supplies as far as possible.

The Samuels’ said that they did not consider the emotional attachment their consumers had to the composition of the whiskey.

"They would rather put up with the occasional supply shortage than put up with any change in their hand-made bourbon," Rob Samuels said.

Maker’s Mark distillery is located in Kentucky, which is where 95 percent of the world’s bourbon comes from, according to Kentucky Distillers' Association. The company’s bourbon recipe requires the bourbon to age in barrels six to seven years before bottling.

The company will resume production on Monday, without the alterations to the recipe. 

(Daily News)


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