Make Diabetes Symptoms Disappear


Over the years I have seen numerous cases of Diabetes type II symptoms completely disappearing when a diabetic begins eating natural organic raw plant food, certain supplements (enzymes), herbs, and superfoods.

This has convinced me that Diabetes type II is not an incurable plague, but rather a symptom of very poor nutrition over a lifetime to the onset of mineral-deficient, mass-produced crops (and factory farmed animals) and hydrogenated oils along with the chemical toxicity of living in today's world.

Chronic mineral deficiencies (such as sulfur, chromium, zinc, etc.) have been correlated with blood sugar disorders. Additionally, the presence of hydrogenated oils in the diet over many years, has been correlated up with metabolic problems (enzyme deficiencies). These manifest as liver stagnation, heart disease, obesity, and blood sugar problems.

In February 2006 we decided that we would prove to the world that it is in fact possible (even easy) to heal oneself of Diabetes type II symptoms. A film crew, my friend Dr. Gabriel Cousens, myself, and Dr. Cousens' staff members at his Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona set out to film 6 diabetic junk food eaters (two were type I and four were type II) embark on a 30 day raw plant food, supplement, and exercise program.

The entire 30 days was filmed (like Reality TV) and the results were impressive. The entire film is available now. It is entitled SimplyRaw ( or Raw For 30 Days. I won't reveal what happened, because it will spoil the twists and turns in the film. However, I will say that one of the type I diabetics was returned to normal blood sugar within 30 days and has never used insulin.



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