Maine Rejects More Abortion Restrictions

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Maine is quickly becoming one of the few states to reject proposed anti-abortion bills put forth by the legislature.  After recently turning down a proposed "feticide" law, stating it added nothing new to current penal codes, they have now shot down a 24 hour wait period, parental or guardian consent, and a "right to know" act, too.

Via The Maine Public Broadcasting Network:

The issue sparked emotional debate. Rep. Jim Hamper, an Oxford Republican, spoke in support one of the bills, which would require a 24-hour waiting period before a woman could have an abortion.

"A 24-hour waiting period before you kill another human being, I think, is a very reasonable request," he said, fighting back tears.

Rep. Maeghan Maloney, an Augusta Democrat, opposed the measure. "We don't have a problem here in Maine--women are putting in the time and thinking about this beforehand," she said.

The bills will still go through the Senate.


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