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Maggots Burst Out Of Woman's Skin After Bite (Photos)

A female traveler went through an in-the-flesh nightmare when maggots burst out of her skin after she was bitten by an insect while traveling in South America.

The young woman, identified only by her surname, Gu, went backpacking with her friends in the rainforest in Brazil in March, Daily Mail reports.

During her trip, she was bitten by a "peanut-sized insect" on her right leg. 

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When she returned home, she noticed a lump had grown in the area where she had been bitten.

Itchy and swollen, a larva eventually emerged out of the lump, provoking a nightmare scenario for the woman.

The larva was the result of the insect laying an egg in the woman's skin.

The doctors at the hospital Gu went to believe  she was most likely bitten by an insect carrying the eggs of a human botfly, scientifically known as Dermatopia hominis.

The insect's bites had left three lumps on her leg and caused her leg to itch constantly.

Gu had visited Bolivia and other Amazonian countries on her trip and concluded her vacation without any other problems. 

The larvae, reminiscent of the tummy bursting scene in sci-fi classic movie "Alien," were only found when Gu's family took her to the hospital in her home town of Shanghai for treatment.

The doctors discovered two more larvae lying buried beneath the skin and surgically removed them. 

Gu is in stable condition and recovering. She has been placed on a regimen of antibiotics.  

In a similar case from 2012, Adam Spencer got a parasitic infection that left him fighting for his life. He was on a trip through South America with his girlfriend, and the couple became engaged on their travels. 

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The parasite turned out to be a flesh-eater and potentially lethal. 

The 23-year-old had a disfiguring, pus-filled wound spread across his face.

"It was almost hardened, a scab," said Spencer of his initial observation of the spot he saw appear on his face. When he first noticed it, they were traveling through the Bolivian salt flats.  

The spot started growing and turned red, with pus coming out of the open sore. 

The antibiotics Spencer got from a local Bolivian doctor did not help. One night, after partying, he woke up to find the spot had erupted. 

"It was the size of a nickel," he said. "It was indented into my face and looked raw." 

Further treatments did nothing to stop the spread of the infection, and when Spencer arrived home, instead of planning his wedding, the man from Oregon had to deal with a potentially fatal infection. 

It took 21 days of treatment for medical staff to get the infection under control.

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