Maggie Rhodes Regrets Taking Son To Get Circumcised After Doctors Botch Procedure


A three-month-old infant has been left mutilated after doctors cut off his penis during what was supposed to be a 20-minute circumcision procedure.

Memphis, Tenn. mother Maggie Rhodes is now regretting taking her son Ashton to the Christ Community Health Center in August to get circumcised.

“After I went home and I discovered that my son’s penis was not there, I immediately froze, like, oh my God,” Rhode told My Fox Memphis.

Rhodes said she was told the procedure would only take 20 minutes but was left waiting for hours as she heard her baby scream throughout the entire procedure.

“It took them about three hours to do the circumcision and so my baby screamed the whole three hours, like the whole process,” Rhodes said. “Then even when she gave him back to us, he was still screaming.”

Rhodes said she was not notified of the botched procedure, instead she and her sister made the shocking discovery at home when Ashton was still screaming and they saw his diaper filled with blood.

“When she pulled back the cloth, like the thing was like, gone. She cut up instead of down, instead of cutting around the top of the penis,” Rhodes said.

All that was left was a partial penis and his testicles. Rhodes said Ashton urinates through a hole in his penis and screams in agony.

Ob/Gyn Doctor Kent Lee, who did not perform Ashton’s procedure, told WMC-TV that most circumcisions are safe, but there are those rare occasions where mistakes happen. But this mistake is a big one.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I have never ever seen anybody with everything completely cut off,” Lee said. “Actual penectomy is extraordinary rare.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics says it’s found the health benefits of newborn circumcision outweigh the risks. Still, one in 500 newborn boys experience significant acute complications as a result of circumcision. Rhodes wishes she not had her son circumcised.

“You try to be the best mom you can be, but it’s like the attack of the enemies is always there,” she told WMC-TV. “I feel like I failed my son.”

Rhodes has hired an attorney and is pursuing a medical malpractice suit against Christ Community Health Center.

Sources: My Fox Memphis, WMC-TV, American Academy of Pediatrics, Christ Community Health Center


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