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Lynsie Conradi Cured of Leukemia After Groundbreaking New Treatment

A woman from Seattle has made a miraculous recovery from leukemia after taking part in a study at Seattle Children's Hospital.

The study was for a new cancer treatment called cellular immunotherapy. The treatment uses the blood of the patient, isolates the T-cells and treats it with a manufactured gene. That gene causes the T-cells to then attack cancer cells.

Lynsie Conradi, 23, suffered through three bouts of leukemia at its most aggressive form. They found out during the second diagnosis that her leukemia was resistant to chemotherapy. She had a 20 percent chance of survival. 

After a week of undergoing the study, though, Conradi was cured of cancer. She will now undergo a stem cell transplant to ensure that all cancer cells are cleared from her body.

The doctors are stunned by the results. 

"This is really amazing. I mean this is the sort of result that we wait around all of our careers to see, to see this kind of dramatic response that we couldn't have hoped for even five or ten years ago," Dr. Doug Hawkins said. 

This type of treatment is considered groundbreaking, as it targets cancer cells without damaging other cells. This means there are no side effects to the patient.

For now, the cellular immunotherapy is only being tested on patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who have proven to be immune to chemotherapy and have a 20 percent chance of survival. 

They hope to soon test the treatment on other types of cancer patients.

Sources: Inquisitr,Medical Daily


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